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September 26th, 2010, 03:11
I was playing a long way through it - this night, actually.

The plot apart from the fighting is imho quite interesting.

What struck me was the amount of detail that was put into the game to make it "mature".
There are very rough and cruel themes among all of these things … I'm speaking of the refugees in Lothlorien … err, what was the name of the first town ? I mean the town after the Battle Of Ostagar (not Osgiliath, though ).

I wonder, by the way, why these "arch-demons" have chose shape or body of dragons ? Why not anything else ? Why not quadruped, for example ?

I'm astonished how much detail was put into this game to let it look "bloody" in so small details as … the waiting screen when a new area is loaded. Other games use progression bars, status bars or something … But Dragon Age uses a circling thing that looks like a circling thorn-crown of some sorts. And to show the progress, there are more and more blood spots added to that screen.

It's kind of … as if they were thinking that people would enjoy the look of blood spots everywhere within the game.
It' kind of … as if they were thinking that people would actually hate such things like colourfulness, friendly, sparkling fairies and of course Unicorns.

Everything looks so much … bland. There's only muted colours … No, that is not right. thre *re* colours there, but thre is NOT any colourfulness to be seen. This world is totally devoid of - anything that looks like a Rainbow.

To a sensitive mind, this game is so much … strongly made, almosed pressed into being grim, that it is almost over-the-top again … And THEN I could find subtle hints that someone actually tried to avoid that, this "over-the-top" image. Because there someone tried to put a kind of balance into the graphics : Bloody, grim-looking, yes, but not too much… The above mentioned loading screen isn't *full* of blood spots - no, it is only for 1/3 or 1/2 of the loading screen, whereas the rest consists of a more or less decaying parchment …

So, someone must have thought : "okay, we represent the grimness by using the looks of decaying materials, and the cruelness and the violence of this world by using [and carefully placing at some places] blood dots."

It looks like … as if someone was rummaging in a drawer to do as if there was chaos within it … But everything within the drawer is carefully layed so, so that it appears to the unthinking mind that there might be chaos. (I have this idea from a bok we had to read during school, where a malevolent teacher does exactly this; it's called "Der Schüler Gerber". There, this teacher - a truly logically working mind - tried to trick any people who might look onto ir into his desk that he was a "bohéme", someone unsteady. But he was the exact opposite of that. His "chaos" was carefully planned and layed out. )

What disturbs me most of this game is the impression that someone - a whole team ! - might've been thinking that people actually [i]enjoy8/i] this grimness and the cruelty and the blood.

Because it is still a "game", not a movie like "Apocalypse Now!"

And now here we have the spirit of a "game", of actual "playing" being intervoven with … well, how do I call this watching and - in a way - participating of a cruel world ?

Isn't this in a way raping the spirit of playing ?

Edit : Or it could be an entirely new thing … I'd call it "interactive fiction", or an "interactive movie". There's no "playing" there anymore, then, only "participating". The "playing" part is on its way to be replaced by "participating".

Which could mean that video games - interactive video games ! - are the birth of a new genre of … media, of art. Of something entirely new, maybe. Like a movie where the watcher goes into it and "changes" things (or not).
“ Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.“ (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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