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September 26th, 2010, 09:45
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Which could mean that video games - interactive video games ! - are the birth of a new genre of media, of art. Of something entirely new, maybe. Like a movie where the watcher goes into it and "changes" things (or not).
No, I think you have misunderstand something, its not new, its jus another genre that you are used to? There are two kind of Fantasy genre, High Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, there Bioware has tried to make Dragon Age the later.

High Fantasy.

Used in games: Newerwinter Night, Drakensang and Divinity.

High Fantasy is much Tolkin inspired, elf are noble, dwarf are grumpy and orc are evil. The colour patten is often colourful, and often more cute creatures can be found, like pixies and unicorns.

The them in High Fantasy is often a unlikely hero save the world from a greater evil, against all odds. The villains are often evil, just because they are evil.

Dark Fantasy.

Used in games: The Witcher.

Its much more like the real world put in a fantasy setting, but often got a dark grim gothic look to it, and have thing like violence and sex in it.

The them used here is often real world problems like racism, politic, intolerance and war. The villains in Dark Fantasy are often driven by more human feeling as greed and lust, but sometime also driven by misguided good meanings.

While the main plot in Dragon Age actual are typical High Fantasy (save the world against a greater evil), anything else in the game is Dark Fantasy.

Dark grim gothic: Check.
Violence: Check (in buckets, even if you only kill a rat?)
Sex: Check (even gay sex).
Racism: Check (elf are threaded as native Indians in 1890)
Politic: Check.
Misguided villain: Check (Loghain)
(Sorry fore the gramma, are Danish)
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