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September 27th, 2010, 19:48
No, that just promotes reloading and diminishes the importance of character development.
Doesn't this system also mean you need to reload as soon as you make a wrong decision, with the subtle difference that it'll be a railroad without excitement of clicking different options just to get back to the same place again… you already know you'll succeed ? If you have high enough value in one skill nothing to prevent it from always succeeding with certain simpler tasks.. and nothing to prevent you from always failing neither…. with this logic you could just as well say that having any randomness in combat takes away from character creation? since you might miss even if you are a spearmaster?

This way you wouldn't want to take unnecessary risks and click on everything just to see what happens and reload if you don't like the results.
hmm, as I understand it the animations are played out during each action? does that mean it would take quite some time to play through all the options again for a long text quest? I would imagine if you know how to click it would still be very fast to get back to the same status again.

That said I still love the text quest from what I've seen so far…. just think it would be even more exciting with a little random flavour added in…..
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