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September 27th, 2010, 20:30
Combat is simply way different, as the high amount of rolls tends to even randomness out in a longer run and failure/success isnīt dependent on one single roll.
Well, as far as I undersand it there are critical hits in combat… which could render you more or less dead….. and in the text-quest there are partial success which isn't instant failure? If the player will grind save and load instead of giving up… why not? it is the same for really hard combats which you can only win with some luck?

In the space-quest text quest one of the most exciting things are the randomness…. a very bad roll in a very bad situation could render you dead… but most of the time you'd just get less benefit. An example would be fail to pick the chest… and get out without the gold….. if the player wants to replay the text quest and hope for better random luck and optimize results? why not? it just makes the text quest being played more… and a lot of time was put into them I am sure…
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