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September 27th, 2010, 21:09
Precursors continued

I have now, at least for now, finished with the first planet (Goldin), recieved my fathers spaceship and left for new frontiers.

Theres a lot of side-quests although most are of the variety drive to the other end of the desert and kill/fetch/find something. Some are also at least for me quite morally dubious ex. a very misogynic quest to kill an adulterous wife and her lover that had no other out and was required to finish a longer quest-line and also upon completion raised your standing with the civilian faction.
A lot of this ambiguity might be blamed on the translation which as said is very rudimentary but not all I doubt very much that I misunderstood the one above.
Anyway there are a lot of the side-quests and many of deal with adult matters like sex and drugs.

There are a lot of npc:s and most will talk with you unless youre an enemy of their faction. The dialog are like a tree (cant remember the correct term please help) and quite limited in all the cases Ive seen so far although every npc seem to have some unique line even if its just a few cursewords.

The first world is big (perhaps San Fierro with badlans big from GTA San Andreas) and it has a lot of strange sites to explore a lot of which expect I wont be able to unravel until much later in the game.

I will return to the space part later since Ive just started on it but some initial impressions.
The Galactic map holds as of now about ten other star systems I can travel too. Each system holds a lot of spacestations, planets and moons that can be visited (Ar-Ferra where Im now 3 planets, 7 moons, and 4 spacestations so far Ive visited planet Goldin and station Nerra).
Judging from some clues it also seems that I will unlock a lot of more systems.
So even if the first planet is the one that got the most attention and most content it would seem like theres a lot to discover as the game unfolds.

Some other things:
At its heart its a fps game which I suck at but since I lowered the setting to easy Im able to muddle through
I wished you could zoom the map It would really have helped sometimes
Also I would have liked to be able to set different controls for different vehicles meaning fps/car/"thopter"/spaceship

Im not used to writing this kind of texts but I hope youre able to glean something from it.
And also it would be easier if you gave some questions so I know what you want to know

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