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September 28th, 2010, 00:52
I think I enjoyed the follow up comments the most. I think he was right that the MMORPG do take some investment in time - both for the game and socially - that harkens back a little bit to the older games. Of course they also have their heavy dose of addiction as well.

I am on the fence though. I was one of those people who did make maps, and kept journals, and had lots of notes playing games. Of course there were no easy to access fansites or, later, pausing the game and alt-tabbing to a website. On the other hand it was part of the fun - a way to sink totally into the game. Staying up late, totally immersed.

On the other hand I am 45 now, with a job and tons of real life duties, and I don't always have the time. Still I love manuals - and I will always read the manual front to back when I am lucky enough to get a game that has one. I also soak up all the lore - in game or out.

Yet I can't say I mind having my maps in-game, easier game saving, tool-tips and the like (although god but I am sick of big !!!! over everyone's heads).

So I agree with most of the points I also yield to less work approach to the games but balance that with no Wiki or Cheat sites until I finish one play through. I really strive to play the game fairly on my own, like the old days, the first time.

On a side note I have friends in my WoW guild or literally gorge themselves on spreadsheets and fansites for their characters. They will spend days crunching numbers, quests, and items to eek out even one more DPS point or increase a resistance another 1%. Not sure if that is the same thing or just being obsessive … but it reminded me of the effort I use to have to put into some of the old games.
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