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September 28th, 2010, 10:56
Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
because gameplay wise are tedious , repetitive and time consuming in a non creative way.
And WoW is nothing like this??? Nah, this isn't about those game mechanics.

IMHO this can be narrowed down to the effect of two important gadgets of our everyday life:

1. The remote control effect and

2. The cell phone effect.

The remote control has conquered our whole life. As long as there were only 3 big TV networks (and some insignificant local stations) noone really needed a remote. But with the upcoming new networks (and even more commercial breaks) we got overwhelmed with the task to manually switch channels. Yes, we could, but if so we would act economicaly reasonable and switch a lot less. As a result we would miss a lot that's on TV and watch stuff we wouldn't want to. So zapping with the remote became our second nature - this had nothing to do with laziness, it was about comfort and the wish to get the most out of our medium.

This is why I can't stand Might & Magic II anymore, even if I really like the graphics. I am able to accept most of the tedious gameplay mechanics, but I don't want to waste my valuable life time (or more precise gaming time / TV time) using clunky interfaces (or manually switch channels).

This surely doesn't mean I am able to accept every tediousness and boredom if the UI is good. The fact that I didn't like Dungeons Siege I a bit does prove this.

2. The cell phone has conquered our life totally. Don't get me wrong: I have a cell phone but I don't like using it. I got late on the train and never felt I really need my cell - not even for my job. On the other hand I have students who couldn't spend 2 minutes without a cell for the life of it. The organise their whole life using the cell: texting friends, adding dates, phoning their parents, reading news, making photos, listening to music and so on. The cell phone is their main social tool - as is their PC which for them is just a bigger cell phone. (Hell, even my wife autostarts their ICQ.) They have a complex social life in the digital world and that is their main priority - and so FarmVille and WoW are their games. These are Games in Social Networks or Social Networks as Games and so their priorities and and their demands (easily accessible; P2P communication etc.) have changed a lot compared to my generation, haven't they?

I don't like FarmVille or WoW but my gaming ours as a GamersDad are very limited and my doesn't like waiting for a hug just because I have to wade through a complex conversion or wait for the next cut scene to end while playing Dragon Age.
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