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September 28th, 2010, 11:54
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Although i dont have a cell phone and i am not watching tv -so no remote control either i mostly agree with you.
Old is Old , going back to those games is like growing massive chins and teeth at the expense of our brains , those stuff has already be rejected by evolution, or maybe become obsolete .

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Hard work isn't fun, it never was.
There is a new Paradox's game called Victoria 2 , i see it as hard work and i am not the only one yet many people love it , i think they are just weird .

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
What developers are doing today, is going back and COPYING old-school concepts and then dumbing them down and making them accessible. That's not how you evolve things either. That's how you steal things and halfway ruin them, because you don't understand or care enough about gameplay.
I think that the "dumbing" down thing isn't entirely correct , i mean Sacred 2 was mechanics wise , graphics , engine etc much better than Sacred 1 ; same can be said for Vampire the masquerade , TES and others ; thing is that although Devs delivered evolved gameplay their games lacked soul .
It isn't nostalgia , people go back and play oldies because there is something there, i'd say that the devs had more love when they made those games and gamers can feel that .

Modern games are the sum of technology , devs ability and gamers demands so we are very responsible for the quality of the final product ; we are playing the games we asked to be made .Maybe we are losing our soul or something ?
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