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September 28th, 2010, 16:02
But here’s the thing – I keep calling it an “investment” for a reason. As players, we got out of it what we put into it.
This reminds me of a ("the") discussion "we" had at the RPC last year.
The point of the discussion was why there were so few "newbies" in the pen & paper RPG area.

During that discussion, one person raised the point of young people rather being passive nowadays. Or, to put it with this blog's words, they just don't want to invest time and energy into games anymore.

He actually used a word that is ihmo very difficult to translate into the English language. In the word "bespaßen" or "sich bespaßen lassen" lies the word "fun" in a way that makes the meant person pasive.

It is like … as if I would say "I was told". This is a sentence (or a part of it) that makes me passive.
"Bespaßen" as a reflexive verb, "sich bespaßen lassen" probably translated therefore as "to let oneself be funned" or "to be funned", as a try, with the word "fun" used as a verb that makes the meant person passive.

Edit : To be entertained.

Which means nothing but : "I don't want to invest in(to) it, instead I want to be passive, and I want someone to make the fun to me." Or something like that.

I think, this is also currently coming into the gaming area. People believe things are unplayable, because they want "ease of use", which is = "no investment needed".

The question is, where does this come from ? Watching too much TV ?
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