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September 28th, 2010, 22:26
Actually, in my opinion, the comments are where the action usually is. My posts are usually lame and I just hope they start a conversation.

Anyway - yes, there are some great thoughts on how to encourage that investment - or to make it active instead of passive (the Bespaßen idea). I think in some ways it's about expectations that have been set.

Back in the day, our expectations were different. We knew that playing an RPG entailed a certain amount of active engagement. We knew it because most of us who played these games were familiar with pen & paper RPGing (definitely not the case anymore). We were used to the idea that the manual was an essential part of the experience, and how "rolling up" a character was part of the fun.

Gamers' expectations are different now. Possibly because the above only appealed to a subset of the audience. But even as an old-school gamer, I find myself having to "adjust" to an older game. It can take a bit of time & effort.

What I was really getting at with the article is figuring out how to invite or encourage the kind of investment from players that we had in the old games / era without requiring it.
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