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September 29th, 2010, 13:53
Originally Posted by Dwagginz View Post
Don't forget that Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance/Dragon Knight Saga is aiming for October/November, too.

I don't think it needed to be delayed, though. The number of people who would be getting all four is relatively small, but Fable 3 (PC version is December, I think) and New Vegas are huge hitters, with ArcaniA being a smaller hit. I can't see how Two Worlds 2 could, especially after TW1, really compete with those 3 releases.
Ofcourse people won't be getting all four in October. But I like to play RPGs, so I probably will get all major releases at some time.

This brings me back to 2007.
Two Worlds was released in September, almost two months before the release of The Witcher. I had been following The Witcher more, so I got that one first (even had it preordered) (release: end of October). In September I was probably still playing Shivering Isles. I didn't get Two Worlds untill February 2008.

If a publisher would release a RPG in a barren month seperated from other releases by several months they could potentially get higher sales, or at least stand out more publicity wise. But this is true for most titles from smaller publishers.

By the way, it seems both A:G4 and TWII haven't gotten any mainstream press in the Benelux. The hype is much lower than for F:NV and FIII, maybe next month they'll get some coverage. Neither Topware nor Jowood seem to have a marketing presence in the Benelux.
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