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September 29th, 2010, 16:41
This October month is crazy for rpg lovers. Which games have you played this year until now? I've been playing these:
- Eschalon II: nice old school game, a bit empty but very enjoyable.
- Drakensang River Of Time: Excellent party RPG game, almost perfect. My only complain is that it's perhaps too short for my taste (20 hours more or less).
- Nehrim: What a surprise! Free, huge, interesting, immersive,… I'm playing it right now (30 hours) and I can say that it is far better than Oblivion. No stupid autolevel at all, hand made challenging dungeons, no useless dialogs and quests,… For example, yesterday, I was wandering in a crypt with very high level enemies and I finally could defeat the 35 level ghost boss (I am level 15) after a very hard fight, I could take its cool shield (with a value of 6000mo) and replace my old one (150mo). This is for me the best of playing a RPG, very rewarding.

When I finish Nehrim, I will surely go for Arcania and then perhaps Fallout3 NV, and finally TW2.
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