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September 29th, 2010, 16:35
Originally Posted by k1000 View Post
And I want to try Nehrim wich seems very good. For anyone who has played, is the game playable enough in the english version or should I wait a few months for the game to be patched more.
It's absolutely playable. As you know, the voices are in German but you are used to them in few minutes. Some german texts remain in some books or letters but they are not essential to continue the adventure. Although I'm Spanish, I've detected some English translations that could be better. Anyway, Nehrim is more about exploration the world and dungeons, combat, manage loot and skills, learning spells… There is no much dialog, not important NPCs only have three or four phrases, and in the rest of dialogs there is no much options. For me is better. I really prefer few but interesting dialogs than lot of boring npcs that ask you for tedious quests.
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