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October 1st, 2010, 13:46
But there *is* unique gameplay in Torment as well.

First of all, for this game the writing is more than "just" background story. It's gameplay as well. It plays a large role in character/party development for example.

Secondly there are all the, for its time, different game mechanics related to things like player death, item interaction/use, equipment, discovering doorways etc.

Then there are all the custom abilities of the party members you can (optionally!) pick up.

So all in all Torment is definitely more than a great story and average combat. But you *do* have to be able and willing to read a lot of text to play this one. No way around that. And since it takes a little while to really get going I can see why some people are turned off by the game, if they are not really enjoying the writing.
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