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October 1st, 2010, 14:35
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I could be wrong that it's primarily the writing - and I'd say more or less ONLY the writing that people remember it for,
Well, besides "ONLY" being quite a lot in this case (setting, characters, story), there´s also the audiovisual context and the actual organization of the writing (attribute checks, quests) which along with unique gameplay mechanics (portals, main char death as a way to solve quests etc ) make the game so memorable.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I prefer freeform non-linear world exploration, when I can get that.
While the game isn´t entirely open ended and the main quest is linear in its base, there´s a lot of freeforming to do as well thanks to side quests and multiple quest solutions and there are quite high chances player won´t discover everything there is to the main quest in one playthrough. What class you play, how you distribute attribute points, how thorough you are in exploration and how active you are towards your companions, all make difference. One of the biggest moments in main quest (near the end) is entirely missable, for example.

Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
Arcanum was good at it and above all steampunk but gameplay wise it was crap ,
Yeah, but combat is still better in PS:T and unlike in the case of Arcanum, there´s not that much of it and most is avoidable.

Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
IMO games are about gameplay .
Cutscenes without player´s input aren´t gameplay, dialogues in PS:T are.
Btw, what´s your stance on adventure games, like Monkey Island for example, is there a gameplay in there?
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