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October 2nd, 2010, 01:27
Since I got the requested title change I feel I owe you a quick update

I have arrived at the second major planet, my previous assumption that only the first world would be fully fleshed out seems to be wrong

The second world is a world of rainforests and (this isnīt a spoiler) presents a dilemma of a burgeoning civil war among the natives instigated by one of the major human factions.

When you approach the planet you are offered two landing points, I would recommend the second. If for nothing else you should spoil yourself with a night at the local hotel, this un-named town is the most gorgeous tree-town Iīve ever seen in a game think Trynton done today. Placed in the djungle at the edge of a mountain-range above a chain of a small lakes feed by the waterfalls that falls down and through the city, I havenīt seen this care for the vertical in world design since Gothic.

Bah.. I canīt really put it in the proper words It is beautiful letīs leave it at that


1: I have encountered some bugs one was almost a showstopper. Iīll return to it
2: If you read the post above I just got some sidequest by using the charm/deception feat

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