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October 11th, 2010, 21:30
Ahem…I meant "arachnophobic" not "technophobic" in my last post ;-) Damn auto-completer…

As for levels - Ok, I see, so just a relative power indicator. I also have trouble with more than a pair of creatures..which is good (kind of) as long as its not all the time.
I've also found quite a few untranslated notes etc in arb little places, which looked like they might be important. Still, this mod is an amazing effort and I'd hate to sound ungrateful.

What setting are you guys running on? My perf is generally jerky in any town - especially Erothin *stutter*skip*Lurch* etc. I had to turn down draw distances on objects/npc's etc to get it to run at ~25 fps. I have it on 1600x1200, only partial water reflections, light shadows (no trees), all optimizations (streaming etc) on etc. I think the biggest problem is their desire to get an open word with no loading screens - the Oblivion trick was to force entrance into city via a gate - so you could have a low-poly shell for the city wall and only load city geometry on entry - which is sensible but not as nice. I make sure I approach a city at walking pace ;-) I wander if my cpu is a little too weak? Its a core2duo 2.6 (few years old now). I'm upgrading CPU, mobo, mem in a few weeks so I'm hoping for a boost from that.
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