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October 12th, 2010, 03:00
well the first two could be played MP (except HotU) and the option of playing single player is still there - its just required required to be played online. you might remember that Bio mentioned multiple times that the best way to play was with a group of friends in co-op with a DM. It was this kind of play that got the most support from devs (with the exception of the DM client after the focus group study). Us PW devs tended to get the short end of the stick though we were the ones pushing the envelope on it.

As for pay to play that still hasn't been decided yet. He's said this repeatedly in interviews which is why I didn't ask Jack that question for the umpteenth time. Though the most recent interview from Eurogamer said there will be a fee Jack waxes eloquently on how successful the D&DO has been as a business model when previously free to play was considered a dud (I believe we have a group here at the Watch playing it).

Also, let's not forget Bio's abandoning the free mods early on when they figured out they could get more cash by selling them - even when rehashing Witch's Wake. Obsidian did the same although badly with MoW. So the companies that produced the games before were not of the altruistic spirit you might think they were.

Also, the game will have a toolset - Forge, as has been stated repeatedly including my article here.

We don't know much yet so I'm going to reserve judgement until the beta. Jack is saing all the right things right now including that the guys who were responsible for Champions and ST:O are no longer with the company.
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