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October 12th, 2010, 08:18
Originally Posted by bemushroomed View Post
It's still a very, very popular game with a huge and very dedicated community and ~hundreds of new mods every month (if you include updates to existing mods). There's even a total conversion called Nehrim which is really cool, as good or better than a commercial RPG.. Morrowind is also popular, and with the help of the community it now looks even better than Oblivion.

Looking forward to read some more reviews, but it does sound promising
but popular with who??? It doesn't really get much chatter here. I mean, I know people play it but are they raving about it like the early Fallout, Gothic or Might and Magic????

I loved loved loved Morrowind (top 5 rpg of all time for me) but Oblivion just couldn't sustain my interest over the long haul. I'm playing Nehrim right now and as I get deeper into the game the Oblivion engine is starting to wear on me. Nehrim is a fantastic achievment but the game crashes on me at least once every session and studders when ever I play for over an hour. But it is free so I'm not complaining. However the excellent game world that Nehrim presents has me hungry for a well put together commercial product. (2Worlds2, I hope-hope-hope)
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