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October 12th, 2010, 09:16
Hey. First post here.
I'm glad the author of the article was pro-creation(Ha. Ha.) I think it adds a lot to be able to create a single hero, or- by the GODS!- a team before the gameplay starts. It's interesting that games like Dragon Age have an origin, but you can't form the team you want. You have to have each class or character added one by one. How about a game like Dragon Age that let you create a party all at once. I know, that is SO 1990, but It's become ridiculous. If you want a certain kind of party, you have to check guides to tell you where to find party members that fit what is needed..
I know a lot of RPGer's feel that story is most important, but I am a role player who thinks character creation and development is the real fun. I've spent hours creating a party or a hero. The more the developer lets us experiment with character builds the better!
Anyway, hello fellow CRPGer's.
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