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October 13th, 2010, 02:43
some fee to pay sure but did you read how on and on he goes about DDO saying this model always was a dud - it produced dud games. But now with DDO they've produced a business model that finally broke the WoW monopoly - with a game taht many thought was a dud itself.

Check out what he says about that as "a hypothetical"

also, "putting strict limits [on creating items and weapons]" - the interviewer hints that things like this in Aurora ruined his experience - and you might recall that was a big issue in 2002 as people were almost invited to cheat. I don't know, but most games these days include some God mode that started out as some way for the creator's to play test.

I think this one really stings to us modders because it removes something that we could be flexible with. When I asked on the MMOG forums here on the CoH Mission Architect it was said that cheating was a problem - I get the impression that Jack and Co. are seriously expanding what was made there.
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