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October 13th, 2010, 15:31
I stuck religiously with the storyline doing no side quests as a kind of experimental first run through. This gradually put me ahead of the level indicators by several levels. Some current to-do quests suggest 10 more levels before attempting them. This caused me to rethink and change tack because now that i have re-connected with Kim my beautiful and extremely capable dedicated follower, i have gone against my initial aim and began to free-roam together…. to put the main quest line to one side and "totally free roam"

I'm going for locating the full armour sets if possible, finding as many dungeons, caves etc' - this obviously will take some time yet should put me way in front in respect of power/storyline ratio level but hopefully somewhere in due course will pick up the main quest line and continue where i left off, i hope this tactic works out o.k. - one pop-up is already showing that a main quest is waiting to progress but i am ignoring it as i have many progressive saves should i need them.

I have high sneak skill (can stand right under the nose of some opponents) and high bow marksman where together each shot is X4 gain if not detected, so the further back from the target you can go before detection will give equivalent of 8 shots for the 2, before any onslaught and often enough for a kill (the secret being to keep Kim some distance behind you to prevent her initial detect attack - this can make for some successful kills without Kim even moving - as once she moves in, the more (if any) opponents will join in.
Was fighting with some bad fire mage and powerful skeleton in the creator crypt when i saw Kims body flying 50 metres through the air, i suspected she was dead but have found she always recovers after a short knock down, i'm not quite sure but would love to learn which spell or skill blows the opponent back some distance weather it's a melee or bow or spell ??? - thankfully Kim will always heal me if i am really low on health. All in all, kim is quite a girl…as a follower.

No mods being used as yet - but maybe later?
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