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October 13th, 2010, 21:31
here's a summary of reveals Jack gave us

players will be able to queue a single attack

cloaks, flying and climbign will be available at launch

multiple systems will be needed to accomplish quests (combat, stealth, etc. - not clear if the same quest can be solved multiple ways)

no installed party dynamic system planned..yet

Cryptic answers only to WotC and not Atari in the approval process

Cryptic believes the toolsets were too complicated for the average users in the first two games.

Actions of players will affect the games environment

changes to the 4e system

"many powers in 4th edition deal with moving foes several or more squares away. Naturally, this works well with a miniatures focused game, but not so well in a real time situation. So we've made changes here and there."

PvP will not exist at launch - which is not a complete no, same with housing, and gold storage

No haks or walkmeshes needed - players are provided all content through patches,

tilebased or terrain manipulation (NWN1 vs NWN2)

"Honestly, we're still looking at how players will manipulate the terrain. Right now, players select preset rooms and terrain. Afterwards, the player populates the area with encounters, NPC's, etc. We've got a lot of time before launch and we want to get this into a closed beta ASAP. We want to get feedback on what the users want!"

No word on whether players will be able to script and change things like AI
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