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October 15th, 2010, 10:46
Oblivion had some of the worst dialogue I've ever experienced, with the exception of the Dark Brotherhood questline - which was a nice mixture of the absurd and the dark.

That said, Two Worlds had absolutely abysmal dialogue - and there's no way it can be worse.

As for how extensive it is, anyone who's played TW should have realised that it's not going to be something completely different.

It's basically a free-roaming powertrip - with a very free character development system. It's not going to compete directly with Gothic or games with a more serious tone.

Just like the first one, it's going to be action heavy - with the RPG mechanics themselves as the center of the entertainment experience.

I, for one, am greatly looking forward to it. I couldn't care less about "deep/pretentious" dialogue in what's essentially a free-roaming 3D Diablo. It would only slow the game down, and interfere with the flow of the gameplay.




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