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October 15th, 2010, 16:10
I decided to reload KOTOR the other day and had to go through some hoops to do so with Windows 7 64x. For anyone who is interested in it here are some guides and a few mods that I found in my search.

KOTOR 1 + 2 install guide for Windows Vista or 7 - Just follow the guide (both posts). It's a bit of a hassle, but it gets the game running.

A few mods for KOTOR that weren't just cosmetic robes or new light saber colors:

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge
- A huge expansion pack years in the making. You can find out more about it, here. Grab the patch, here.

Weapons of the Old Republic - Adds 22 unique weapons to the game. They are scattered throughout the galaxy so you'll have to search for them. Both this mod and the previous mod won mod of the year over at StarWarsKnights.com. *Warning* Possible conflict with BOS. I tried installing this one after BOS and it wanted to replace some files. I wasn't sure if it was BOS's files or the games, but wasn't taking any chances. I'm going to try this one out later one day after the corporations ruin PC gaming forever

The Super Enhanced Mod - Now this mod sounds like it's right up my alley. It makes the game more difficult. Here's the summary of the mod from STK:
If you think that KotOR has become too easy and want to renew your gaming experience, this mod is for you. The mod alters gameplay by changing armor restrictions, weapon damage, and the challenge level of encounters. Shem also left a few twists and surprises for you to discover along the way.
High Stakes Pazaak - I sorta liked Pazaak, but didn't like that I couldn't bet for any kind of real money. This mod fixes that problem by adding in three pazaak players. The max bet is 500,000 which seems a little extreme, but what the heck it's only virtual money. However, this mod could ruin the game if you cheat at it (save and reload). Play like in real life and deal with the consequences

Other than those I don't really see any need to add in any more mods. I don't care about cosmetics and the gameplay was very good even in the vanilla version. The only thing I might want is to make it harder. The Super Enhanced Mod seems to take care of that problem nicely.

There is one mod I'm looking for and if anyone knows where it is I'd appreciate a link. It's called Quest for tk102's birthday. It sounds like a funny little adventure, but all the links for the download are broken.
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