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Default Unexplainable lag in divinity 2

October 16th, 2010, 06:30
First off, yes I looked around forums and couldn't find an answer. For some reason my fps never raises above 20 with an average fps of 15 no matter what settings or resolution I use. Even in the menu there is a constant lag. This is the steam version of divinity 2 completely updated and the bak.phyxcore.dll trick from mirrors edge attempted. Tried reinstalling and defraging the game in steam.
GTX470 with GTX465 for Physx (tried with the gtx465 removed as well)
Phenom ii x4 940 O.Ced @ 3.7 (tried at standard clock of 3.0 as well)
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1TB WD black edition HD
MSI k9a2 platinum rev2 mobo
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