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October 16th, 2010, 20:48
Originally Posted by jcw928 View Post
Also, just fyi Planescape Torment is available and 'supposedly' updated for win xp/vista/7 on gog.com.

Nobody has ever answered my query as to whether or not spell effects glitch out in that version. I'm betting you still need to mod the shit out of it. They don't really modify anything, you know, particularly for Windows-era games. I'd never give money to those crooked bastards. It doesn't help that a friend of mine recently did buy stuff from GOG and had his CC company flip out, stop the charge and call him, thinking his card had been stolen. No way. :/

Still, D3DWindower is the best for PS:T. And probably BG! I'm very fond of playing RPGs in windows though.
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