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October 18th, 2010, 22:37
Jay Barnson has kicked up a new Frayed Knights update which, among some other stuff, discusses the differences between the pilot oh-so-long-ago and what you'd see now. Here's a cool snip:
But lets assume you were to ask me, “Hey, if I were to play the old pilot and then play the new and play through that segment in Frayed Knights 1, what differences would I expect to see?” Then I might offer the following as laundry-list as the main answers (though having forgotten how the pilot actually played, I’d have forgotten a lot of changes):
  1. Movement is faster, movement and looking around is a LOT easier, and can be customized by the user.
  2. Combat has changed substantially, though it retains the same basic feel (abstract positioning, ranks of enemy monsters, turn-based). But aside from that – well, there’s just a lot more to it, requiring more tactical play.
  3. More intelligent AI (especially with spellcasting), and enemies tend to be much more unique in terms of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Pus golems, in particular, will have a gross new special ability…
  4. More special effects and better feedback on actions
  5. The ability to level up (with a new ability you can choose at every level).
  6. More hidden secrets.
  7. An optional special area inaccessible until later in the game.
  8. The town of Ardin is VASTLY expanded, though you still won’t be able to wander around much the first night.
  9. You can actually buy and sell from the merchant.
  10. A very different inventory management system.
  11. Different areas of the dungeon have titles / announcements as you enter and leave them.
  12. You should be able to see (and avoid) some encounters before combat begins. And yes, some of the monsters are on regular patrols.
  13. A little more history and stuff to poke at in the dungeon (and a LOT more in the town).
  14. The journal will actually update as your quest changes and you discover new things (and you can add your own notes, if you feel so inclined)
  15. Some loot will be randomized. So it won’t be exactly the same every time.
  16. Some general bug-fixes and miscellaneous improvements to the dungeon and game.
  17. And the best part – the story continues from there.
More information.
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