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October 19th, 2010, 02:48
Guilty as charged.

I'm not really sure what any of those are really supposed to mean when it comes to RPGs. I mean, really, what's this mean to a marketer?

"Epic?" According to the dictionary, it could mean long, majestic, or great. Yeah, sure. Whatever.

"Grittier?" I'd think "Grittier" would mean "More realistic," but hell, no, no marketing person wants anything like THAT in a game, unless you are talking about graphics. Then it's fine.

"Darker?" According to marketingspeak, this means, "Good guys die."

"More Mature?" According to marketingspeak, this means, "More sex 'n blood!"

I'm writing this for people who just want to play a fun, frivolous, old-school-ish RPG.
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