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October 19th, 2010, 10:52
Here is something I have been thinking a lot about and I want your guys opinion about it. Personally I prefer a game which only has small cities with a lot of meaning to them… compared to oblivion/morrowind/Baldurs Gate which has some enormous cities… these cities are acctually full of people but especially in Oblivion these people are just puppies…. making it a boring task to explore the city and try find someone which has something meaningful to say. My favorite is Ultima 7 what a fantastic cities it have! But this question doesn't go only for cities but for other areas too.

So should we aim for smallish but meaningful? slightly bigger but less meaningful? what is your opinion? The drawback of too small and too meaningful is it will create a very small world…. so too small is also not good IMHO.

Big and empty like Oblivion is not an option.. no matter how much someone want it I won't do it
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