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October 19th, 2010, 13:19
Two Worlds I is a bit like this : really small villages, with lots of interesting people & content - and between them a vastness of wilderness.

It looks to me as if they were trying a bit … the balance between the Gothic model (small villages, interesting stuff) and … let's say Daggerfall (from what I've heard) : many towns and huge, empty land between them, or like in Oblivion ?

Gothic 1 has taught me that you can have something very interesting if you have small vilages with lots of meaningful content crammed in. Since then, I personally prefer that style.

I don't quite like the approach of Two Worlds I, because the villages there are in my opinion *too* small, and not interesting enough anyway. This is just a borderland, wilderness, and almost nothing but wilderness.

I don't have any "ideal model" of a small, but meaningful village. I always come back into thinking of Drakensang 1 & 2, but they also had bigger towns and too small towns. Moorbridge and Tallon as examples of something rather interesting, perhaps, with Moorbdridge being a tiny bit too small for my personal taste.

What we often see are towers. Huge towers. But what one rarely sees are mid-size towers. Either they are just too big (mage's circle tower in Dragon Age) or too small (the one of the magician in Nadoret … it's almost built like a lighthouse, so small it is).

The only mid-size example I can currently think of is the tower of Hommlet (I think it was the name).

What I always like, by the way, is, to stumble upon a small cottage deep within the wilderness. With lots of helpfullness included.
No, no irony, I'm serious on that. I always find it funny to find something entirely unexpected. And of course the inhabitant should have means to survive there.
Yesterday or the day before I found two such houses alond a road in Two Worlds I. One was simply closed (not accessible), the other one was overrun by an ogre which had slaughtered the two inhabitants. I don't like it. I always want to find something or someone living there.
And two additional ideas regarding this "cottage in the wilderness" : a) there could live a creature so "alien" it would have been outcast everywhere else. It finds his or her living only there, because no-one is looking after him or her in an unfriendly way. It could even be a couple of … let's say lizards. Happily married, but still being outcasts from human, elven, dwarven societies. The only other ones of their race would be thousands of kilometres south. The other idea is b) read about Procrustes of the ancient Greek mythology …
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