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October 24th, 2010, 13:52
I just had ttwo different - very different thouhts today.

One popped into my brain just some minurtes ago. It goes like this :

"Why aren't there the same as web comics for literature ?"

The other one was rather half-sleep kind of daydreaming … I was making up a very lively dream of an Unicorn RPG … You play a unicorn, which grows over the time and becomes more and more powerful. And your party consists of nothing but unicorns.

It was … well, kind of a mix between Dragon Age reversed … replace all of the blood elements within the Dragon Age UI etc. with glittering fairy glimmer … so to say … But not too much, because that would look childish. Only so much that it retains the image, the feel of another fantasy world … The exactly same reason why all of these blood spots were introduced into Dragon Age to give it a feeling of darkness, hopelessness, and - of course - of War. Against the "Blight".

In my daydreaming, I even imagined - very lively, again an exact model of the Dragon Age camp. "My Unicorn" was in the middle, the party-leader, and several other forms of unicorns were assembled there … - a black one, a fire-red one (entanngled in flames, as this was a sort (not demonic at all) that was in common with fire, like a sorcerer would be if he or she was constantly "playing with fire") , a striped one … All of them ith different traits and abilities.

This was an army against "the blight" of which the heroes of Dragon Age would NEVER EVER hear of - because these unicorns would do their very best to keep themselves out of the sight of the humans and of other sentinent beings.

This would be a "War Of Nature" (similar to TDE's "Peraines Bane" of the island of Maraskan against the corruption caused by Borbarad and his allies) against "the blight", one, of which neither humans nor dwarves would ever hear of … only Elves, and they not even likely, because these unicorns would keep themselves out of their ways either.

In my daydreaming, I also had a very lively image of "my" unicorn in this game, having and using spells, and the spells and other special abilities (like for example to "ride" someone down, or pierce an enemy with the horn) would kind of "grow" and develop = become stronger over time, too. Which would be put into as skill points.

And of course, they would only talk to wood creatures. There wouldn't even be humans, dwarves, elves etc. in the game, because it would be just a game about wood creatures.

And their fight against "the blight" or against some other kind of … opposition.

I would love to make such a game. It would be very different from what we see today, but yet in its plot still be recognizeable.
It would in principle even be a "generic" RPG - only with different ( *very* different) protagonists.

And then I remembered that Fairy RPG …

Edit : I know that I'm thinking too much … Why not call this "Unicorn" RPG just

"Unicorn : The Maskerade"

? Because of course they don't want to be seen …
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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