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October 24th, 2010, 16:21

This is my first time posting here and I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to everyone! Ive been a long time RPGWatch reader but I have never bothered to make an account and post. I have enjoyed many of the discussions that I have seen take place here and I have appreciated many of the tips I have found in these pages. Because of this I have decided to write in about how I got Gothic 1 to work on my computer.

Now, I realize that this may have been covered before but due to the amount of time it took me to make it work I figured I would share what I did with others. Before I share my simple fix I just want to point out that with computers I am an idiot….To me a computer should always start (kind of like a car) and if it does not work I end up taking it to someone to have it fixed.

So, anyways, for quiet some time my computer had been "broken" and I finally got around to taking it into the shop. My power supply had gone bad and I wanted someone to fix it. While the computer was in the shop I asked the kid working there to upgrade my machine with a newer video card and widows 7 64 bit home version. I wanted the newer video card because my old one was getting somewhat dated and I ended up having him put in a Nvidia 250. I went with this card mainly because of price and it was a lot better than my old card. I chose to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit home because at work around Christmas time they are upgrading all the computers to windows 7 and I thought how great it would be to be familiar with the new OS before everyone in the office…….

So I get my newly upgraded machine home and what do I decide? I want to put my favorite game, Gothic 1, on it and play. Little did I know that Windows 7 64 bit combined with a Nvidia card = LOTS OF FRUSTRATION FOR THE COMPUTER ILLITERATE. Now, I wont bore you all with the tale of my MANY hours of reading and attempting various fixes. Nor will I describe in any great detail how my wife looked at me when I started hooting and cheering after I finally got it to work. (You see, she just could not understand why a grown man would spend so many hours trying to make a game work)

In the end, this is what I had to do to make it work:

1) Upgrade my video card driver (which the kid at the shop did not due). For me, I had to upgrade to a very new and possibly beta release driver numbered 260.89. With any of the other drivers Windows 7 64 bit kept having an Access Violation error when I would start Gothic 1. If anyone needs this driver to make this game work I would like to mention that Windows 7 will not automatically find this one for you. You have to go to the Nvidia page and manually down load it. (Sorry, most of you probably know these things but they were all new to me.)

2) After the new driver put on a Clean Install of Gothic 1. (I had to do this because I tried so many other crazy fixes prior to this I figured I needed a clean install)

3) Patch Gothic with the newest patch. (I believe this one is 1.08k)

4) Find/Download and install a German workaround for windows 7 64 bit. This workaround appears also to have a windscreen patch. It is called GI_Win7_Nvidia_Workaround-1.0. I would also like to point out that when I went to the download site for this patch It would not download with Mozilla and I had to switch to IE. Not sure why this was to be honest.

After completing those 4 things I now can play Gothic 1 !!! It is now prettier than I ever remember seeing it and I am going to start playing it again as soon as I finish this post.

Like I said earlier I realize that this had been covered before but I thought I would write in to say hi to everyone here and write out how to simply make Gothic 1 work on a computer with Windows 7 64 bit and a Nvidia card. (At least it worked for me and I hope it helps others)

Have fun playing Gothic 1 !!!!

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