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October 26th, 2010, 13:07
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Care to elaborate?
Mindless big guys , small guys with big testicles , wise old men with white beards and pointy hats , magic jewellery , primordial evil , light vs darkness , interracial loving , faithful men that don't bang loose (Rohan) girls on sight , eternal friendship etc

All of the above are boring cliché that came from the mixing of old stories Tolkien didn't had a clue about, it is like the Jewish books on Xian god, a collection of old legends put together to present something appealing while missing the whole point of those legends.

Lovecraft steered through the same shit much better and his writings are far more innovative . I don't see why Dune world and Cthulhu mythos fail to inspire developers and LotR does. Maybe it is the phallic objects (swords) or the feeling of control .. you see all those guys are generals, kings and nobles and they are trying to keep the world in their palm ; in Dune the anointed is just a servant of nature and in Cthulhu mythos heroes are only those fast enough to run away from death.
Now that i made a second thought LotR tickles our self centrism and to a degree our megalomania .
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