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October 26th, 2010, 14:44
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Pointless exploration is just fine as long as you discover some interesting things. I'm not just talking about loot.

I've been going on and on about Fallout:New Vegas almost every day and there is a good reason. It is INTERESTING. It captures my imagination to just go wandering around and discover these places off the beaten path. I've found more than a few areas where they did not have much loot or monsters, but there was a history to why it was there. Sometimes you find some notes and sometimes you don't find anything except for the equipment and furniture that was left. What was left tells a whole story unto itself. They left it up to us the player to fill in the gaps.

They tried doing that in Fallout 3, but for the most part failed miserably. In this one I go exploring everywhere. Not for epic loot, but to learn more about this world I'm playing in.

Also these places made some kind of sense. I really can't explain without getting into serious spoiler territory, but suffice it to say everywhere I went felt like it belonged there. That makes a huge difference as well. Makes the world feel more alive.

Alrighty then, I think you got a good handle on what is best. So keep to that vision
And that is all lost for many people unless there is a reason to go there. I wonder how much time and resources have been spent in games on those areas people like me will never see. It would be interesting if a game could collect this information, like, how many people visited a remote area that took them X developer-hours + artist-hours + tester-hours only to be seen by Y people I know they do this in MMOs all the time, and using this info, sometimes they revamp certain zones, add new quests, etc. basically, add *reasons* to go there.
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