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October 27th, 2010, 06:57
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
And that is all lost for many people unless there is a reason to go there. I wonder how much time and resources have been spent in games on those areas people like me will never see. It would be interesting if a game could collect this information, like, how many people visited a remote area that took them X developer-hours + artist-hours + tester-hours only to be seen by Y people I know they do this in MMOs all the time, and using this info, sometimes they revamp certain zones, add new quests, etc. basically, add *reasons* to go there.
Thank god Obsidian didn't listen to people like you or this thing would not be the Fallout I've been waiting to play since F2. Seriously, just wander off the beaten path. Is that so difficult?

Those man hours might be wasted on you, but they sure as hell weren't wasted for me.

Maybe stick to linear titles then. Those are fun as well and it seems like you would get more enjoyment out of them.
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