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October 28th, 2010, 00:55
Sooo… any tips on defeating the Zant?

I'm playing on medium difficulty, and trying to beat him without using any of the seals, obviously. And failing horribly. It seems his health regenerates faster than I am able to deal damage. I can stay alive for quite some time, but he just dodges most of the attacks, or I don't do enough damage to make a difference. The constant mana sap doesn't help too, since Fayris basically cannot cast anything after the battle starts. Fire arrows are always nice, but they rarely reach their target, which, as I understand, is also caused by the demon's aura. My party's levels are 7-8. My character is a warrior. I think I'll probably have to leave the area, and do some other quests, like exploring Efferd's temple, to level up a bit or get some equipment…

I dunno how much the seals weaken him, but I don't plan to use any.

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