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November 1st, 2010, 12:04
Vurt's Gothic II Graphics Overhaul

Current features (v0.7):

* Works for Gothic 2 NotR and "vanilla" Gothic 2. I recommend using NotR since i've added many graphical improvements to the addon.

* New meshes to improvements the look of the natural environment. Plants, trees / tree stumps, grasses, mushrooms etc. Old World has been given extra care since many of the meshes there were extremely blocky.

* The default version has very few different trees and other plants, this mod ups the amount of different pines, conifers and plants.

* Improved herbs. In vanilla Gothic 2 the herbs are often stuck too deep into the ground, it looks ugly and sometimes the mesh is almost completely hidden. This mod brings them up a bit further and most has been given a slight graphical update.

* New textures for landscape, architecture, monsters, blood… Some of the clothes, armors and weapons are also enhanced or changed completely.

* New water. 80 frames of animation (original is 10 frames).

* Resculpted rocks and cliffs that are much larger, clouds and sometimes trees are added to the tops.

* New rain, sun, skies (sun is still experimental).

* Only aesthetics, no gameplay changes.

* 600+ new textures, 60+ New or improved models




Comparison screens



Drag/drop the .vdf into /data (example: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\gothic ii\Data)
Copy the Gothic.ini if you want my fog, sky colors and tweaked settings. If your water is flashing you might need to use this file (take a backup of your old Gothic.ini file first!). This files goes into C:\Steam\steamapps\common\gothic ii\system



My Gothic.ini (use if you get flickering water):

You should either start a new game OR reload the first map (by going to any other map and then coming back to it) to avoid missing trees and edits i've done to the map.

My recommended Nvidia settings.
<- click
Supersampling is important for leaves and other textures that uses an alpha channel to look good, just turning on Anti-Aliasing doesnt help these kinds of of textures. This goes for any game out there, not just Gothic2.

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/Bemushroomed a.k.a vurt
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