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November 3rd, 2010, 11:17
Hi Mondain_the_Mad,

23, 24, 25 FPS are all perfectly normal per the game design timers. continual low FPS generally points to video performance problems, some things to try……

1. Remove all traces of the Player kit.

2. Remove all patches as the international versions 1.08j and 1.08k of G1 are fully patched and run straight out of the box.

3. Go to 'add and remove programs' -> G1 - then select and run 'repair' (just to be sure all is installed o.k) all saves will be o.k.

4. Can you run the 'cube' in DirectX diagnostics o.k?

5. Do the Bink video cut scenes run o.k ? (eg: at game start up)

6. Select the' Miles Fast' audio setting.

7. Maybe select 16 bit video and lower resolution to experiment.

8. Check Win-Xp is set for max performance? (rather than vid quality)

9. How many windows resource threads are running? - experiment to get as low as possible.

10. With the game running, do a "Ctrl + Esc" then Ctrl/alt/Del into task manager, run resource monitor to observe any adverse or over activity or bottlenecks. It's possible to run G1 in a window while observing monitor at same time.

Good luck.
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