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November 4th, 2010, 07:21
If BG and DA should be compared I would go light on comparing the character system because a such comparison suggests that if a CRPG do not license an expensive pnp system they can't compete.

Beyond games that uses a licensed pnp system I do not think there are any cRPG's that manages to get near the pnp classics, and BG and NWN are the only titles that tried to implement the entire system. NWN is pushed as not only a game, but a computer roleplaying system and as a such it's probably the most advanced CRPG out there. KOTOR naturally had a very strong system but that was made out of the Star Wars d20 system. At that point they already had the core d20 thanks to NWN. Perhaps Fallout can be mentioned but it's only inspired by GURPS. Vampire: Bloodlines do not really use the WoD system as far as I concern.

Dragon Age is one of the heaviest systems I have seen when it comes to a CRPG exclusive.
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