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November 6th, 2010, 17:20
What I dont like about Majesty 2 is the way the game zergs me, like instantly. Give me a chance to at least get a guild of some type up and a minion or two out. As the game campaign progresses, this gets even worse. If you can get past that initial hump, it's pretty much smooth sailing for the most part. More difficulty means zerging you with greater numbers, earlier. That's just frustrating.

Tried playing L4D again, I just cant get into it. Maybe if I go for multiplayer that would rejuvenate the thing, but for now it's just boring. And i hate the unique infected, I absolutely hate them messing things up when I'm having a good time. If someone wants to pehaps play a little L4D MP, let me know that might be fun.

I dont do the sims, not for the fact that I'm opposed to them or anything, I just dont want to get into another easy addiction!
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