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November 8th, 2010, 12:03

Then again, I'm a gameplay guy much more than a story guy. I won't deny that the story and presentation of Dragon Age was superb, if a bit cliché. Quite powerful considering it's a computer game.

I don't agree that not using a licensed PnP system means you can't compete, and in fact - quite the opposite.

What they SHOULD have done, would be to take what's great about D&D and implement it in their own system - free from the bonds of a PnP-system, that was never meant for computers.

Instead, they over-streamlined and over-simplified it, and character customization is what was hit the hardest. Something which happens to be one of my favorite aspects of RPG systems.

That said, it was probably easier to sell to the mainstream because of it.

What I find most surprising, replaying BG1 and BG2 - is that the updated scripts actually work better than anything in DA:O. I mean, with a relatively intricate and complex AI system - they STILL managed to make it less comfortable to control during combat - and with less characters to control.

With a properly configured party in BG1/BG2 - most combats are a breeze to control. I can't say the same for DA:O.

Bioware lost it in terms of creative power - and they're nothing but a shell of what they once were. They're creating games using established blueprints and they're chasing the gold before the design.

Sad, but I have no doubt of that.
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