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November 8th, 2010, 21:12
As part of my catching up on classics, I "finished" a run through of the campaign for Age of Wonders. ONE path (halflings - dwarves - elves) of a branching campaign. There are high men and lizardmen alternative sub-paths, in addition to the mostly disjunct evil path using orcs, goblins, undead, and dark elves.

It's a great turn-based game, without a doubt, but I'm moving on. I enjoyed the hero development aspect of AoW, the protagonist being one of them. No just hanging out in a wizard tower (ala MoM) for him! By the end I had 4 uber heros (including Julia); each could take on whole armies on their own. That, and few summoned gold dragons made all the other units almost pointless except for guarding cities. Rather unbalanced. This is the optimal approach because this game highly favors a strategy where you rush enemy and neutral cities as fast as possible to deny your enemies resources to upgrade and build larger armies. Also it puts a damper on their annoying incursions into your territory… A defensive approach is definitely NOT the way to go in this game.

I moved on to finish Mask of the Betrayer (hopefully). I finally got through the Slumbering Coven and started the Thayvian Academy. Playing a goodie goodie, so the Coven survived. I am distinctly getting the impression that this campaign would be a lot more exciting as an evil character that devours every soul and spirit in sight and gets lots of unique essences for crafting by doing so… It would feel wrong, though, and would be more of time panic because of increased hunger and the spirit meter, which would probably not make it worth it for me…
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