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November 8th, 2010, 23:00
Hi again.

I'm not someone who replays games a lot, of starts lots of characters to see what every class is like or try out several builds. I'm also enjoying the inter-party banter between Morrigan and Allister so much, that I can't bear to put the rogue, whassername, in to open the odd locked chest!

So I've been wondering, since these four (Morrigan, Allister, the dog and I) have been constantly the center of everything, how much different the dialogue would be if you have other party members in your party. How many combinations of dialogue can they put in there, anyway? So much is centered around Allister when you run into people, for instance. I'm sure there are other instances where the other guys will play a role that you'll never see if they're not in your party.

There are even many occasions where your race and background are taken into account in dialogue. I never want to miss a thing, so this just gnaws at me and my unwillingness to replay through the same game ten times.

So, have the completists here have anything to say about that? How much is different, or is it all facade and show, like BioWare usually does with different dialogue options? They do it like masters, anyway…
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