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November 8th, 2010, 22:25
Yep, Reapers were one of the toughest enemies (along with Astras and Warlords)…

Most of the strategies I've read promulgate a careful defensive build up of cities before moving on to the next take over. But as the campaign progressed through the scenarios, found it quite the opposite as my heros became stronger and I had better high level experienced troops carried forward form previous scenarios. A rush as soon as possible worked! Many times I was VERY short on gold income and I was VERY close to losing units/heros near the start. I built my heroes defensively (with a focus on stats for defense, resistance, and parry after everything reached about 5), light and water spheres for buffing, healing, and rejuvenation. I found the (air sphere) the most useful for rushing and great for softening up and stalling hordes of enemies on the battlefield with chain lighting, birds eye view to see where to go next, and the freeze water sphere to make rushes across water barriers possible. I found the boats were too risky AND too slow / expensive to upgrade/build. The Town Gate was also critical for warping back parties to defend cities when needed, and then going back to the front. I slowly built up hero spellcasting skills to reach level V in the last scenario. Being able to summon a gold dragon per hero in 4-5 turns is priceless.
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