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November 9th, 2010, 10:36
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
Can anyone tell me if the RoA story is a trilogy? so that I should play 1 and 2 first to follow the story of 3 or if it doesn't matter ?
It doesn't seem to matter that I jumped into the series at RoA3, but there *are* a couple of (vague) references to the previous games. I think it depends on how much time you have, and also the first game in the series looks quite old - even compared to RoA2 and RoA3

But to be honest, I think it would be a cool experience to play through the entire trilogy with the same party. And given how much I enjoy RoA3 I think I might end up playing the other games as well anyway..

You should also consider how much of the hard-core stuff you want. Even though RoA3 is still pretty "hard-core" in terms of CRPG mechanics they actually cut away some of the really silly stuff - like the need to micromanage the clothes for the entire party, based on current weather. You know: is it cold, wear a winter coat.. is it hot, take off the coat or get a heat stroke The fact that RoA3 takes place within a city makes certain things easier..
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