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November 10th, 2010, 15:52
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
I actually agree. The first game was that rare game that made me excited and for which I dropped everything and stayed at home all night for after first starting it up. The second one… well, it's okay, but I've already stopped playing it. I'll finish it before Mass Effect 3 comes around, of course.
Once I got past the over-simplified RPG mechanics and the dreadfully stale loot system, I actually really enjoyed Mass Effect. Funny thing: I actually think it worked much better in terms of sci-fi atmosphere than the sequel. Not sure why, but it felt more interesting in most ways.

Last night I survived the Redcliffe battle, but I feel like I cheated. There was no chance that I could defeat *all* of the baddies head-on, so I did the old pull-retreat tactic, even pulling them through the fire at the top to burn them and have my allies there finish them off.

I was able to have scores of them killed this way, even while the rest of my crew was already dead and I was at 10% health and without health potions. That feels wrong.
What difficulty are you playing at?

I was playing hard - and it felt just right for the most part. Don't recall any big trouble with that fight - except the obligatory "first attempt" as it was still early for me at that point, and I hadn't quite optimised my party.

But wait…..

Shouldn't you be busy playing Angry Birds or another of those miracle gadget-games?

DA:O seems way too meaty for a veggie like you
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