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November 10th, 2010, 15:05
Loot finds must evolve, or rather items should provide increasingly useful benefits - to keep the carrot dangling.

You can accomplish that with a "realistic" system, but it's harder. It would be more about the material of the weapon, such as weight and handling.

However, since this is mostly about fantasy - I don't think you should overthink when something is realistic or not. Magical weaponry fits just fine with most fantasy settings.

One thing, though, is loot-bloat - which is just as bad as the opposite issue. You don't want to oversaturate the player in choices that are too similar. The balance should be to make choices meaningful and with obvious advantages AND disadvantages.

Very few games handle this very well. Gothic makes the mistake of just incrementing numbers - no matter what kind of weapon it is. Hack and slashers tend to throw way too much useless crap making excitement limited.

Actually, games like Baldur's Gate do it quite well - as long as you accept the lack of realism. It makes no sense that you could swing a sword as fast as a tiny dagger. But the sense of progression is quite good, and weapons feel diverse.

Naturally, I would design a much superior system to anything in existence - but I'm not in the business




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