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November 10th, 2010, 20:54
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Funny thing: I actually think it worked much better in terms of sci-fi atmosphere than the sequel. Not sure why, but it felt more interesting in most ways.
Mass Effect The First had a lot more charm to it, in my opinion. The combat system was also a bit more enjoyable, more RPG-y. I'm usually not one to scream "DUMBED DOWN FOR XSHIT KIDDIES!!11!" when they downplay RPG systems, but I actually like the more stat-based approach to shooting. Half-way through ME2, I'm also missing that big Citadel building very much. I loved it when I landed there…

What difficulty are you playing at?
Normal, like I always do in games. Of course, I'm playing it on Xbox 360, because PC is much too hardc0re for a Sexbox kiddie like me. I'm sure they, uhm, "streamlined" the combat and difficulty level for people of my brain level.

It's also different than PC in that (as far as I can tell) you cannot pause, give orders to everyone in your party and unpause. In fact, mostly I play with just my character. I haven't even checked out the other characters much in terms of what skills they possess and such. I probably should, though, if not for my own enjoyment, then for more control and chance of success on the battlefield. I should also check out those tactics slots, but I rarely do program the AI in games that allow it. Too much thinking hurts my head!

If I had micromanaged my party a bit more, and prepared better (too few healing pots at the start of battle), no doubt it would've been easier to manage. One of my party members was down before I was aware of it, so that I could have administered some healing.

I guess I'm playing it more like an action game, but that's really not the only way to play it on Xbox 360. I'm probably too dumb to think tactically and have to resort to button mashing like the rest of the kids. On that note, I hope Morrigan shows some skin when I bag her!!

Shouldn't you be busy playing Angry Birds or another of those miracle gadget-games?

DA:O seems way too meaty for a veggie like you
I don't like Angry Birds, actually. I can play those casual games for a bit, but not for very long. I did buy a 16-bit SNES era inspired RPG called Ash yesterday that actually has decent dialogue in it! I'll probably play that for 20 minutes total on my iPad before I see something shiny in the corner of my eye.
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