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November 11th, 2010, 12:53
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
My gaming on iPod Touch and iPad is dominated by games with some more 'meat'. from Puzzle Quest and Plants vs. Zombies through Command & Conquer and Tradewinds and Shining Force and Ash and so on. Return to Mysterious Island is there now. And so on.

I feel that while Angry Birds is very much on the 'high end' of games for $1, none of them are really for folks like us.
Yeah, I have several "meaty" games on my iPod as well. Like The Quest and Undercroft - both of which are excellent. But I still think of them as cute "blast from the past" games tickling my nostalgia, and they just can't provide what I thought they would. Gaming has evolved beyond them, and I doubt I'll actually get far unless I'm travelling or away from my PC.

Games like Space Miner and Galaxy on Fire 2 are also great throwbacks, and they use the platform in brilliant ways - but they don't constitute more than a mild distraction from what I consider "real" games.

I use my iPod for music, audiobooks, bed-browsing, and reading manuals - things like that. That's pretty much the only real use I think it has for someone like me.

But, to each his own.




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